A Montgomery Transportation Group Company

Our Guarantee

At Montgomery Transport, we understand that on-time delivery and flatbed load safety is what you should expect from your flatbed logistics company. Our commitment to professionalism and integrity goes beyond that. We value each logistic customer relationship as a partnership, which means understanding your unique shipping needs, the challenges of your business, and the standards you set for quality so we can meet them with some of the best technology and service available in the industry. Our customer relationships move us forward, and your trust drives that.


Montgomery Transport offers standard flatbed shipping services as well as unique flatbed solutions. We carry over-dimensional loads, heavy hauls and wide loads. We'll work with you to find the right logistic solution to ship your building, manufacturing or construction materials and equipment.

Max Length: 70' Max Weight: 50,000 lbs

Max Width: 12'

Our Specialities

Oversized Load Truck


A flatbed over-length load can include materials such as beams, tubing, rebar, pipe, joists, light poles, cranes, and more.

Heavy Haul Truck

Heavy Haul

A heavy haul can consist of steel coils, steel beams, steel rolls, gypsum, train wheels, lumber, and other heavy building and manufacturing materials.

Wide Load Truck

Wide Loads

Flatbed trailers are perfect for shipping wide loads like steel plates, crane mats, giant tires and construction equipment.