A Montgomery Transportation Group Company

Safety, service, respect, and innovation.

Since our inception in 2011, we've cultivated a robust flatbed trucking fleet that now boasts over 700 power units. At Montgomery Transport, we specialize in the transportation of heavy loads, routinely exceeding 50,000 lbs., and seamlessly navigating over-dimensional loads up to 65 feet in length. Our track record speaks volumes—we prioritize safety and efficiency in every journey.

With expertise honed over years of service, we're entrusted with the transportation of critical materials essential to various industries. From steel coils to roofing materials, and from steel plates to lumber, Montgomery Transport ensures the reliable and timely delivery of your cargo, every time.

The Best for Our Customers

Timeliness and safety are the very basics of what you should expect from your flatbed logistics company. And we strive to do more than just basic. Each customer relationship is a partnership. Therefore, we take the time to understand your unique needs, the challenges of your business, and the standards you set. We are able to meet those needs with the best logistics technology and over-the-road service in the industry. Our relationships move us forward, and your trust drives that.

The Best for Our Drivers

Montgomery Transport is dedicated to taking care of the flatbed drivers who take care of our customers. We’re dedicated to our driver's well-being. We provide top safety systems in our trucks, safe facilities and policies that empower you to protect your own health and safety. We’re dedicated to your success in the flatbed trucking industry, with guaranteed minimum pay, great benefits, driver incentives and a culture of respect. Therefore, the steps we take in safety makes drivers want to come here and stay.