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Earn Up To $5,000 in the first 120 Days with our Path to Success program!

At Montgomery Transport, we believe in rewarding drivers who are gaining experience AND drivers who are in it for the long haul.

For those drivers with less than two years of flatbed driving experience, Montgomery Transport offers Path to Success Pay, which is essentially paid training. We offer $1,500 a week for orientation and training PLUS mileage. Drivers can earn up to $5,000 in the first 120 days through this program.

Path to Success Pay = $5,000 in first 120 days!
• Week 1 - $1,500
• Week 2 - $1,500 + mileage
• 90 Days - $1,000 + mileage
• 120 Days - $1,000 + mileage

Loyalty Pay

We also want to reward drivers who have shown loyalty to a previous company.
Base pay starts at $.54 if you worked at your previous company for one year. Bump it up to $.55 base pay if you worked at your previous company for two years. PLUS, get a rental car or plane ticket, single room and breakfast, lunch and dinner during orientation.

• New Drivers Pay - $.53 CPM starting base pay
• 1 Year Loyalty (worked at previous company for one year) - $.54 CPM starting base pay
• 2 Years Loyalty (worked at previous company for two years) - $.55 CPM starting base pay
• Rental car or plane ticket (depending upon driver’s domicile)
• Single rooms
• Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided

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