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Inaugural Driver Advisory Board 

Montgomery Transport Announces Inaugural Driver Advisory Board

Birmingham, Ala. – Montgomery Transport announced their inaugural MT Driver Advisory Board.  Montgomery Transport takes pride on an outstanding culture between its staff and nearly 450 driving professionals and wanted to provide drivers with an effective platform to give influence on company decisions and create ambassadors for company changes, updates and a voice for driver concerns.

The MT Driver Advisory Board is comprised of a diverse group of Montgomery professional drivers with varying experience levels, tenure, age and domicile. These honorary drivers went through a qualification process including nomination from their driver manager and an interview. The board members will serve a one-year term and participate in multiple meetings per year.

On June 21st, the selected drivers attended their second meeting in Birmingham, AL where drivers and management engaged in conversation and presentation topics including safety, respect, equipment, continuous improvement strategies, team work and communication. The advisory board will be instrumental in helping Montgomery Transport collaborate, take action and communicate effectively on driver aggregates from their most important asset, those behind the wheel.

“I have always said that our professional drivers are the backbone of our business.  I am honored and excited to roll out this new Driver Advisory initiative and I am confident it will allow us to continue to expand in all facets of how we improve our drivers’ quality of life,” said Rollins Montgomery, CEO of Montgomery Transport.  “Communication is one of the largest keys to success in any business and I look forward to the additional communication through the voices of our Driver Advisory Board, which will help us to maintain our position as a leader in the marketplace.”

MT Driver Advisory Board Members:

  • Brian Bearden, 3 Years of Service
  • Charles Bishop, 4 Years of Service
  • Robert Campbell, 2 Years of Service
  • Tim Copeland, 2 Years of Service
  • Shannon Engleman, 1 Year of Service
  • Bob Foran, 4 Years of Service
  • Eugene Goldsmith, 3 Years of Service
  • Mic Hardley, 2 Years of Service
  • Gerald Hornes, 2 Years of Service
  • Michael Humphrey, 4 Years of Service
  • Dorrell McDowney, 6 Years of Service
  • Ben Smith, 2 Years of Service
  • Cliff Waltman, 7 Years of Service
  • Chico Washburn, 8 Years of Service

Montgomery Transport, LLC, based in Birmingham, Alabama is a nationwide, leading flatbed carrier specializing in over-length hauls.  For more information, click here.

Back Row from L to R:
Ben Smith, Charles Bishop, Robert Campbell, Shannon Engleman, Eugene Goldsmith, Mic Hardley, Dorrell McDowney

Front Row from L to R:
Gerald Hornes, Bob Foran, Cliff Waltman, Michael Humphrey, Chico Washburn

Not Pictured:
Brian Bearden, Tim Copeland

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