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Birmingham, Ala. – Montgomery Transport & Entities are proud to feed professional over-the-road drivers throughout the industry with the launch of a new mobile eatery, Breaker 1-Swine. This 24-foot food trailer will serve Friday lunches to Montgomery Transport staff and drivers each week as a gesture of gratitude for all the hard work they do week in and week out. In addition, Breaker 1-Swine will travel around to nearby shippers and industry events to serve other Montgomery Entity professional flatbed drivers and driver prospects.

“We saw a need for more accessible food for professional drivers as they wait at shippers, and although our drivers get home on the weekends, we’re excited to provide a taste of comfort while they’re on the road,” says Montgomery Transport’s CEO, Rollins Montgomery. “Breaker 1-Swine will serve as a token of our gratitude and a demonstration of our commitment to improving the quality of life for our professional drivers.”

Flatbed drivers of the Montgomery Entities (Montgomery Transport, MT Select, MT Dedicated, RM Logistics) receive complimentary “driver-themed” dishes from Breaker 1-Swine both on the road and when the mobile eatery is parked at headquarters. Staff and drivers have their choice of everything from “heavy haul” entrees like the Big Rig Beef Sandwich, the Bandit Burger, and the OD Dog (complete with foot-long hot dog extending beyond the bun, of course) to “Bungees” like Bobtail Parm Tots featuring white truffle and parmesan, golden-fried Mac Haul Bites, and the shoestring Fry Stack “tarped” with melted cheese.

Born out of a brainstorming session about innovative recruiting over dinner, it occurred to Montgomery that a food truck could be the ideal solution to the challenge of finding creative ways to tap into the existing skilled labor pool. Montgomery contacted his marketing team, and they went to work creating what would eventually become Breaker One-Swine. The team hired a chef consultant to work with Concession Nation to help create the food trailer concept from the ground up. The Montgomery team worked alongside Flex Digital to come up with a logo that embodied the spirit of the cuisine served as well as the exterior wrap design on the trailer. Then, in the true spirit of keeping things in the Montgomery family, a Montgomery professional driver picked up the trailer from Deerfield, Florida, to bring it back home to Birmingham.

Anna Lacy McMains, Director of Marketing for Montgomery Transport, noted that this endeavor was a true labor of love. “We learned a lot about what it takes to open and run a restaurant establishment and we’re excited to be able to serve our team and other driver prospects quality menu items named after the industry specifics they’re so familiar with,” says McMains.

On February 6, 2019, Breaker 1-Swine served its first official meal to one of the company’s most tenured drivers, a seven-year Montgomery Transport veteran.

This trucker-centric food trailer is also slated to serve as an innovative mobile recruiting tool. Prospective drivers will be asked to fill out a short form application asserting their interest and contact info in exchange for free Breaker 1-Swine meals.

“Skilled labor, in general, is a very large challenge our entire economy is faced with today,” says Montgomery. “We knew we had to provide an innovative solution that could reach out to different skilled labor pools and penetrate areas most could not reach.”

If you’re interested in joining the Montgomery Transport family, visit driveformontgomery.com today.

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