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We're proud to announce James F. as our Montgomery Transport Driver of the Year 2023! 🌟 James' dedication to safety and professionalism, along with his impressive 400k safe miles since joining us in 2018, make him a true asset to our team.

“James is truly not your average driver. He is always willing to help the next driver and his dispatcher out when asked and will step out of his comfort zone to get the job done. James Floyd is a great person, a wonderful friend and one of the best drivers in the business. Kudos to you James!!” -Demisha H., DM
Congratulations, James, on this well-deserved honor!

"What makes Jon an excellent driver also makes him an exceptional recruiter: his contagious personality. Jon is a dedicated and hardworking individual who maintains a positive attitude. He has years of experience in trucking, understanding that you can't predict what can occur on the road, but he always attempts to make the most out of the situation while staying optimistic. He is more than just a driver but a friend who we are fortunate to have in our organization." -Jordan M.

Help us congratulate Sam H., as Montgomery Transport's 2021 Driver of the Year! Sam was April's Driver of the Month and was unanimously chosen based on his performance. He received a perfect five-star P4P score multiple times last year due to his utilization, safety, and MPG. Sam is a top notch driver and we are privileged to have him on our team.

"Sam is the kind of driver every company wants. He works hard and does things the right way. He is always helping us with dropped trailers and makes it a priority to leave trailers in top notch condition for the next driver to hook to. He stays at the top for miles and safety every single month. The passion he has for this industry is something I wish a lot more guys had. He deserves this much overdue honor.'"

– Bruce S., DM

Congratulations to Rick G., 2020 Montgomery Transport Driver of the Year!

Rick joined Montgomery Transport in March 2015 and was our 2020 February Driver of the Month. He has driven 743,976 safe miles since he's been with MT and has a TWENTY-FIVE year safe driving record! Rick has a page-worth of awards he has won throughout his career, including the seven he has received from Montgomery Transport.

“Rick is an extremely hard worker and a great driver. He understands the business and gets results. His dedication to safety is a reflection of the company standard. It is a real honor and privilege to be his DM and to have him as a part of the MT family. My favorite quote from Rick is, 'I am empty, the clock is ticking.'” - Corey Jackson, DM

Congratulations to the 2019 Montgomery Transport Driver of the Year, Mazie T.!

Mazie has driven almost half a million safe miles since starting his career with MT in 2014 and is a two-time recipient of our driver of the month award. He is a first generation truck driver and loves that trucking allows him to explore and see the world. He enjoys cooking, fishing and spending time with friends and family.

“Mazie has shown that he continues, after years of service to MT, to go above and beyond. Mazie is always someone we can count on to deliver on time and safely. Having Mazie as a coworker makes my job easier each day. Even during the holiday months, he found a way to maximize his utilization for December. Thanks for all you do, Mazie. This is much deserved.” -Jay Dalziel, DM

Congratulations to Rosko C. on being selected as the Montgomery Transport 2018 Driver of the Year!

Rosko truly exemplifies what it means to be a professional truck driver and is very deserving of this honor. Since joining the team in February 2013, Rosko has logged almost 700,000 safe miles and is a driver trainer for Montgomery Transport. He was also recently named the Driver of the Month in November 2018.

Rosko and his wife, Hope, have 3 children and are proud grandparents to their #1 grandson, Jasiah. He enjoys spending time with his family, hunting and fishing.