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RM Logistics is adding to the winners circle! Congratulations to our Driver of the Year 2023, James B. 🎈 🎉

"James B. has been with RM since 2011; he is a workhorse, with over 1.1 million miles under his belt. James gets the job done every time. Despite facing challenges in his life, particularly over the past year, James maintains an attitude of determination. No matter what life throws at him, he is determined to make it happen. Personally, James has inspired me to maintain a positive attitude in the face of adversity. He remains faithful and acknowledges where his help comes from. In my opinion, James B. is undoubtedly deserving of the RML Driver of the Year award." -Scottie, Director of Operations at RM Logistics
We are so proud of you, James! 🌟

"Leon has been with RM since 2007 and has driven 1.5 million miles. He has remained steady and safe throughout these years. Leon takes the time to ensure that everything is done correctly the first time, and we can all learn from him. He does not rush and always says, "do it right the first time, and you will be just fine." I am delighted to say that RM is fortunate to have someone with Leon's experience and work ethic, which is why he is our Driver of the Year." -Scottie P.

Beep, beep! RM Logistics Driver of the Year Jon H. coming through! 🥳

Jon has been with RM Logistics since July 2007 and has been a vital part of the growth of RM Logistics with his positive attitude, attention to detail, and most importantly SAFETY. We are extremely proud to announce Jon H. as RM Logistics 2021 Driver of the Year! 🎉 🎉

"When you think of someone who is a professional and takes his job seriously, Jon H. is right at the top. He has 1.4 Million safety miles, and is definitely one we can learn from. Jon has a positive attitude and is always a joy to work with. I feel very blessed to have someone of this caliber on the RML team, It takes folks like Jon to help grow a company and with that RML is better because he is a part of our team." - Scottie P., DOO 👏