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Congratulations to RM Logistics’ Driver of the Quarter, Brian C!
“Brian C. has been with RML since 2019, and has driven almost 400K safe miles. He has an amazing work ethic and knows how to make it happen in any situation. In addition, he makes safety a priority and is always considering customer needs. RML is stronger with Brian on our team and we are so happy to have him.” -Scottie P., Director of Operations for RML
🤞 Loves hanging out with friends on the weekends!
🏈 Cheers on Alabama!
🎸 Listens to hardrock!
Congratulations to RM Logistics Driver of the Quarter, Tracy R! 🎉 🎈
“Tracy R. has been with RM for a little over 9 months and has driven approximately 50K miles. He has made a big impression with his strong work ethic and willingness to assure just in time delivery while keeping safety #1 . Tracy knows the importance of being a team player and he knows what it takes to make it happen. He comes from a strong trucking background and has proven himself with the customers. Tracy makes our customers a priority even when he himself is not feeling well or sometimes situations are not always favorable. RM is happy to have Tracy R. on the team and we are stronger and better because he is with us.” -Scottie P., Director of Operations
Congratulations to RM Logistics’ Driver of the Quarter, Raymond M! In 2012 Raymond joined Montgomery Transportation Group as a company driver for Montgomery Transport, and in 2015 he switched over to the RML division hauling local loads daily. Raymond is one of the MTG OG's and we're proud to call him family
"Raymond is an example of what it means to be a professional truck driver and is a vital part of RML. He has an excellent safety record and is always willing to help out whether it’s a word of encouragement, safety help, our a friend when you need an ear to listen. Congratulations to Raymond. RM is a stronger and better team because of him." - Scottie P.
🚨 If you could choose someone famous to ride with you for a day,
who would it be?
His dad. Talk about his grandson and life in general. ❤️👪
🚨 What is ONE piece of advice you have for other drivers for
To be humble and become teachable and coachable. 👷🏾‍♂️🎓
🚨 What’s playing on your radio when you’re on the road?
Music Sam Cooke 📻🎶🎧

Congratulations to RM Logistics’ Driver of the Quarter, James B., AKA Jamie!

James has been with RM Logistics since 2017 and has hauled over 376,588 safe miles. He started out doing tube loads but was always happy to fill in on the coil side as well. Jamie works well with our customers to ensure on-time deliveries while maintaining the safety rules of the road.

"I can always count on James to focus on his job to keep our customer happy. Thank you, James B., for all you bring to RM." -Scottie P., Director of Operations

Congratulations to RM Logistics’ Driver of the Quarter, Dejuan Williams!

"Dejuan is an extremely hard worker who goes above and beyond on the road. He makes my job easier every day and I’m honored to work with him. Congrats, Dejuan!” -Scottie P., Director of Operations