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Congratulations to the Montgomery Transport Driver of the Month for March 2023, Michael! 🎉💪 Michael is from Texas and started driving with MT in July 2019. Since joining the #MTMoneyTeam he has driven 400k safe miles. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

“I'm grateful to have Mike on my board and to be his driver manager. It's a pleasure to work with him. Mike is a low-maintenance, hard worker, with a laid-back attitude who is delightful to work with. He knows how to get the job done after being here for almost 4 years. When challenges occur, he always communicates and brings solutions to the table. Congratulations, Mike! The title of Driver of the Month is fully deserved.”  - Jordan M., Driver Manager

🚨  What’s your favorite over-the-road recipe?  Sandwiches

🚨   How many states have you traveled to in a day? 3 or 4

🚨 What’s playing on your radio?  Anything and everything

Congratulations to James K. for being selected Driver of the Month 🎉 James has been with MT since 2015 and has driven over 830k miles! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

🚨 What is ONE piece of advice you have for other drivers for

Ask Questions. The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask. 🤔❓

🚨   What’s the last three songs on your playlist?

Always By Atlantic Star, Never Say Goodbye by Bon Jovi,
and Two Occasions by Baby Face 🎶🎧

🚨   If you could choose someone famous to ride with you for a day,
who would it be? (past or present) What’s one question you’d
want to ask this person?

Jerry Reed. Mainly talk about Smokey and the Bandit. 😎🤠

Congratulations to the Montgomery Transport Driver of the Month for January 2023, David S.! David has been with MT since 2017 and has driven over 725k miles!

“A great driver is hard to come by, but an exceptional driver is an even greater find. Always willing to take the good with the bad, hand out a few laughs and get the loads there on time and safe, David is truly a once in a lifetime driver. It is his willingness to not take short cuts, get it done right the first time and his go above and beyond attitude to help the next guy, that truly inspires me every day." Demisha H., DM

Congratulations to the Montgomery Transport Driver of the Month for December, Alvin R.! Alvin has been with MT since 2012 and has driven almost 1.4 MILLION miles!

"Since Alvin is a true professional, he won't be outworked. In addition to pushing everyone around him to perform at his level, he pushes himself to do the most and be the greatest. There isn't much he can't do or handle after ten years at Montgomery." -Jordan May, DM

Congratulations to the Montgomery Transport Driver of the Month for November, Marcus C.! Marcus has been with MT since February 2019 and has been the definition of excellence as a Montgomery Transport driver.

"Marcus always has a positive attitude and outlook on everything he does and will not hesitate to go out of his way to help the company or a fellow driver. We are lucky to have Marcus training the future drivers of our company. Hopefully, we’ll turn out to have an entire fleet of Marcus Cureton’s." -Jeffrey Weinacker, Sr. DM


Congratulations to October's Montgomery Transport Driver of the Month, Rick G.! Rick has been with MT since 2015 and was the 2020 Driver of the Year.

"It's difficult to understand how a driver who goes home every weekend can accomplish what Rick does for us out on the road. Rick makes the most of his clock and never complains while working hard and pushing himself while on the road. I am glad to have him on my board.” -Jordan M., DM

Congratulations to September's Montgomery Transport Driver of the Month, Marvin D.! Marvin recently celebrated six months with MT and has already driven over 75K miles.

"Marvin is an extremely hard worker who goes above and beyond to help. He makes my job easier every day and I’m honored to be his dispatcher.” -Jordan M., DM

Congratulations to August’s Montgomery Transport Driver of the Month, Keith B.! Keith recently celebrated six years with MT and has driven over 730K miles.

"Keith happens to be the sweetest driver I have and he's always willing to go above and beyond to help. He has helped us tremendously with the training program, and if I could clone him I would!" -Michelle M., DM

Congratulations to July's MT Driver of the Month, Busey F.! Busey recently celebrated eight years with MT and has driven over 870K miles.

"Busey is one of the nicest and hardest working drivers at Montgomery Transport. He puts safety first each and every day, and he is always willing to help out whenever asked. This is a long time coming for him and I am proud to have him on my board. Keep leading by example, Busey!" -Keith J., DM

Help us congratulate MIC H. — Montgomery Transport's Driver of the Month for June! He is from Fultondale, AL, and has driven almost 600,000 miles since joining the #MTMoneyTeam in June 2017. Big Mic is also a driver recruiter and won 2nd place Recruiter of the Year in 2021.

"Big Mic was in my orientation class 5 years ago. I liked his attitude and personality immediately. He expects excellence cause that’s what he brings every day. We are a better organization with this awesome driver on our team." - Bruce Shaw, DM