National Truck Driver Appreciation Week | September 14-18 | Celebrate with us here!

Safety, service, respect, and innovation.

Growing up in the steel industry and running a private fleet, Rollins Montgomery had
real insight into the needs of customers when he opened Montgomery Transport,
LLC, in 2011. Our fleet now includes more than 450 flatbeds, hauling loads
exceeding 50,000 lbs. and up to 65 feet to get even the largest freight where it
needs to go safely and efficiently.

The Best for Our Customers
We recognize that timeliness and safety are the very basics of what you should be
able to expect from your logistics company. Our commitment to professionalism and
integrity goes beyond that. We value each customer relationship as a partnership,
which means understanding your unique needs, the challenges of your business,
and the standards you set for quality so we can meet them with some of the best
technology and service available in the industry. Our relationships move us forward,
and your trust drives that.

The Best for Our Drivers
Montgomery Transport is dedicated to taking care of the drivers who take care of
our customers. We’re dedicated to your physical safety, providing top safety
systems in our trucks, safe facilities and driver-friendly freight from our customers,
and policies that empower you to protect your own health and well-being. And we’re
dedicated to your success in your life and in the industry, with guaranteed minimum
pay, great benefits, driver incentives, and a culture of respect that makes drivers
want to come here and stay here.

“I’ve been fortunate to work for a steel manufacturer that has built their business on
service. Having personal experience as a shipper has really encouraged me to
implement rewarding principles and policies to make sure we’re taking care of one
of our most important assets—our customer base. In order for a shipper to have
reputable service levels, they must solidify themselves with solid transportation
partners and demand great service and quality standards.”

– Rollins Montgomery, President, Montgomery Transport