Professionalism. Dedication. Safe On-Time Delivery.

At Montgomery Transport our customers can expect professionalism, dedication, and safe on-time delivery, all the time. We strive for distinguished customer service and our team is always looking to accommodate the long-term interests of our customers and their unique needs. We can haul over 50,000 lbs. with our state of the art equipment and we specialize in over-length moves.

With our commitment to the transportation industry and desire to satisfy our customers, we can guarantee the best quality flatbed service.

  Director of Sales
Chris Goodman
Phone (205)320-6019
Cell (501)626-6914
Fax (205)320-6069
Outside Sales Representative
Wilson Smith
Phone (205)320-6044
Fax (205)320-6094
Customer Service
Director of Customer Service
Matt White
Phone (205)320-6009
Fax (205)320-6059
Birmingham Customer Service Manager
Seth brand
Phone (205)320-6008
Fax (205)320-6058
Tim Barber
Phone (205)320-6027
Fax (205)320-6077
Heather Delk
Phone (205)320-6047
Fax (205)320-6097
Rachel Dillard
Phone (205)320-6024
Fax (205)320-6074
Katie Johnson
Phone (205)320-6013
Fax (205)320-6063
Nora May
Phone (205)320-6007
Fax (205)320-6057
Michael McCants
Phone (205)320-6005
Fax (205)320-6055
Darlene Paramore
Phone (205)582-6603
Fax (205)582-5653
Cury Vickery
Phone 205-320-6017
Fax (205)320-6067

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