Current Drivers


To all of our Professional Drivers,

I would first like to say “Thank You” to all of our drivers at Montgomery Transport. Your hard work and commitment is appreciated and recognized as a major contributing factor in our company’s success. Your ability to deliver loads safely, professionally and on-time is sincerely appreciated, and your contribution to an efficient, safe and trustworthy environment is respected.

I take pride in our professional drivers and we do not just say we care, but we truly do. From our open doors to our friendly and professional staff, I hope that you have found your career at Montgomery Transport to be welcoming, rewarding and long lasting. You and your families are very important to me at Montgomery Transport and I am forever grateful for all of your hard work. Let’s continue to be safe, be on-time and represent good respect and values everyday as we continue to be one of the leading flatbed carriers in the industry.

Owner of Montgomery Transport | Alabama


Rollins Montgomery

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