Driver of the Month

Congratulations to CHUCK BISHOP for being selected November 2017 Driver of the Month!

Chuck joined Montgomery Transport in March 2015 and has driven more than 385,000 safe miles.
He and his wife, Paula live in Addison, AL and have four children and seven grandchildren. Chuck enjoys spending time with family and fishing in his down time.

Congratulations to MAZIE TATE for being selected October 2017 Driver of the Month!

Mazie joined Montgomery Transport in August 2014 and has driven more than 413,000 safe miles.
He lives in Kentwood, LA and has 2 grown children and 1 teenager. Mazie enjoys fishing, trying new restaurants and spending time with friends and family.

Congratulations to ALBERTO LaGRECA for being selected September 2017 Driver of the Month!

Alberto joined Montgomery Transport in June 2016 and has driven more than 166,000 safe miles.
He loves woodworking, watching TV, playing video games, working on his car and spending as much time with his kids as possible.

Congratulations to JAMES HOLLIDAY for being selected August 2017 Driver of the Month!

James joined Montgomery Transport in November 2016 and has driven more than 120,000 safe miles. He lives in Oviedo, FL with his wife LaSonjah and 3 children.
He loves hanging out with his family, watching football and going to the local drag races.

Help us in congratulating the July 2017 Driver of the Month, BOB GUMAPAC!

Bob has been with Montgomery since 2012 and has driven over 680,000 safe miles in that time! He is from Atmore, Alabama and has 3 children who are in college and high school.

In his spare time, Bob loves spending time with his children and enjoys football, baseball, and basketball.

Congratulations to THERESA WARNER for being selected March Driver of the Month. Theresa joined MT in March of 2016 and has driven over 120,000 safe miles in that time.

Theresa says one of her dreams was becoming a professional truck driver. She began her career driving a van, but wanted the challenge of being a flatbedder, which she’s been successfully doing for 4-1/2 years.

Theresa lives in Oklahoma City, OK. In her off time she enjoys riding her motorcycle, camping, hiking, kayaking, woodworking and playing the drums.

Congratulations to JAMES BLACK for being selected February Driver of the Month. James joined MT in August of 2015 and has driven over 200,000 safe miles in that time.

James and his wife, Barbara, live in Lincolnton, NC. He has five children and 9 grandchildren. James enjoys spending time with family, boating, fishing and going to flea markets in his off time.

Congratulations to DERRICK JORDAN for being selected January Driver of the Month. Derrick joined MT in June of 2015 and has driven over 200,000 safe miles in that time.

Derrick lives in Winnsboro, SC. He has one son, Jaden, who is five years old. He enjoys spending time with Jaden, who is learning karate, and working on cars.



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